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Supporting overthinking & high-achieving professionals  to find simplicity and confidence to reach their goal.
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Client Tesitmonial
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I would definitely recommend Sam for a number of reasons. The care she shows and the dedication she has to helping you improve yourself. How knowledgeable and professional she is, and finally how much Sam has helped me work past my problems.

James, Structural Engineer

Hi, I'm Sam !

I’m a coach for the high-achieving but frustrated people of the world. Those who always find themselves overthinking every decision from promotions to relationships.


Capable yet confused.

Overwhelmed and fearful that the solutions are out of reach.


I bring a new practical perspective: that by listening to their body they will find the answers within themselves. This will allow their mind to feel in control of any life challenge resulting in a place where they feel confident, calm and a sense of simplicity.

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Are you ready to calm your mind?
To experience another way?
To find a solution to your problem?

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How I Can Help You

Very simply I offer 1:1 Coaching

My approach is modern, practical, human and straight-forward – a welcome relief for many of my clients. Many of which are new to coaching and I provide a safe space for this process to start. 

Whoever I’m working with, whatever stage in their journey, and whichever path they’re following, the plan is the same:


  • A free session to get to know each other and decide if coaching is right for you

  • Honest, non-judgmental exploration of the issues.

  • Decoding physical signs and symptoms.

  • Practical methods and steps to overcome underlying problems.

  • Rinse and repeat as many times to achieve your goals


The aim is to get back to a grounded, stable foundation from which to grow. From there it’s all about taking steps, building confidence and making mindful progress.

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My pricing is also simple:

First Session Free


£90 for
an individual


£460 for
6 sessions
valid for 1 year

Each session lasts
1 hour 15 minutes

All the time having the safety of knowing I’m here with my expertise and intuition every step of the way.

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I feel so grateful for today's session! Feels like the best investment in my self and my wellbeing! Like a spa day every time - but for my mind. 

Helen, Commissioning Officer

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  • Your mind is always running the show.
  • You’ve ticked all the boxes but don’t seem to have found many of the answers.
  • You’re stuck and confused, feeling like there has to be a better way to make decisions.
  • You’re dedicated to levelling up but unsure of what to do next.
  • You feel like you’re constantly trying to fit in rather than doing things that align with you.
 If you’ve worked hard to get where you are, you enjoy achievement but there are
disappointing holes in other areas of your life,
then it’s time to get in touch.

Coach with me if

Sam is very empowering to talk to and at no point did I feel any judgement. I came away from the session with a different outlook to that I went in with.

Elliot, Chartered Engineer

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