Starts 1st July 2021


It's soon to be July and we (hopefully) will have some sunshine which means hydrating is even more important than ever. I don't know about you, but I have been terrible this year with keeping up a healthy drinking regime therefore I’m setting myself and hopefully you, an experiment.


I’m calling it an experiment as it means there is no winning or losing, only gathering information and learning more about ourselves so like any good experiment we shall gather data daily.


When you sign up below you will receive an email daily with the question all about your water consumption to get you thinking and so you can learn more about what makes you tick when its comes to H2O and good habits. 

Day 1 will be Thursday 1st of July and I'll let you into a secret, the first question is going to be:

How much water should I be consuming each day?

 As it is always good to have a community - if you wish, place your Instagram handle in the box below and I will add you to a group so we can all chat away and support in our learnings. 

Thank you for joining me in this experiment!

 I look forward with connecting with you and learning all about your insights.

And you can still join anytime
during the 30days!