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Sam Curtis sat on sofa withe tea and kindle - Sam Curtis Coaching


Hi I’m Sam and I’m here to get you out of your head and into your life.

But what does that actually mean? 

Let me share my story...

I was overthinking and stuck.

No longer following my childhood passion to be an actor, I was working hard, dating and enjoying a successful life in London, yet I was not happy. So I moved halfway up the country with the (very) wrong man and became a teacher.


The result – deeper unhappiness, clearly not what I was looking for.


Perhaps you can relate?

Do you have a mind that never seems to stop ruminating over all the options?

Have you done all the things that society has expected of you?

Made changes and still feel stuck?

That’s where I was.


Trapped in my mind and not fully living.

Thankfully I had been introduced to life coaching a few years earlier and decided that I would devote time and energy to finding my answer to happiness.


Delving in deep into my values, meditation, old patterns and a whole toolkit of coaching techniques, I found myself back in London. A new love (in an old friend), a calm productive mind, qualifications in coaching and meditation and I feel like I’m where I’m meant to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing.  


And that is coaching all the stuck, over-thinking and high achieving professionals just like me.  Working together to get them out of their heads and into their lives with practical, results-based and down-to-earth self-development. 

I hope that my journey in pursuit of passion, simplicity and peace of mind resonates with you and shows you there is a way forward.

With Love


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Sam Curtis Coaching - Mountain Image by Benjamin Behre
Hear what my clients have to say about me.


Job Titles

In my search for a job that I was passionate about I have held some wonderful job titles, here are a few:

 - Event Manager

 - Executive Assistant

 - Professional Actress

 - Teacher

 - Geographical Business Analyst

 - Executive Analyst

Sam Curtis working in events - Sam Curtis Coaching

Our values help to keep us on track in life, they show us what is truly important. Here are mine:


 - Connection

 - Fairness

 - Honesty

 - Learning

 - Love

 - Perspective

Sam Curtis and her partner outside- Sam Curtis Coaching
Things I Have Tried

In my own self development journey I have experimented with different tools, here's a snippet:

 - Keto Diet

 - Minimalism

 - Relationship Coaching

 - Neti/ Nasal Rinse

 - Acupuncture

 - Somatic Coaching

Sam Curtis using a neti pot - Sam Curtis Coaching
Fun Facts

And here are some of my more unusual traits, that make me, well, Sam:

 - I have 4 tattoos

 - I am allergic to chilli 

 - I am always cold

 - I have served the Queen

 - I am dyslexic

​ - I drink a lot of tea 

Sam Curtis getting a tattoo - Sam Curtis Coaching
I know its cliché but I am an open book, so why not sign up for your free mini coaching session and take the opportunity to ask me any questions, plus we can start to explore practical ways for you to become unstuck. 

Or drop me an email - your choice.
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