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Explore some simple practices to create some headspace, calm your mind and stay more present.

I offer all of these for free and graciously accept donations through Insight Timer.


Everyday Mindfulness Practises


Explore my collection of ever-growing guided audios to help you to calm your mind, sleep deeply and discover more about yourself. Take a short moment, so you can return to your day with a quieter level of thinking and more clarity.

10 Day Experiment

Curious how you can receive all the benefits of meditation such as helping reduce stress and overwhelm, improve sleep and relationships and build resilience and focus without finding 20 minutes a day?


Then sign up for this experiment where you will receive techniques, questions and meditations in your inbox. All guiding you to find your way to a calm body and clear mind, every day! 


Live Group Meditation

I sometimes host live meditations on  Insight Timer.


Click on Events to find out the date of the next session. 

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