Explore some simple practices to create some headspace, calm your mind and stay more present.

I offer all of these for free and graciously accept donations through Insight Timer.


Everyday Mindfulness Practises


Explore my collection of ever-growing guided audios to help you to calm your mind, sleep deeply and discover more about yourself. Take a short moment, so you can return to your day with a quieter level of thinking and more clarity.


Live Group Meditation

Each month I will be live on Insight Timer for a short and enjoyable everyday mindfulness practice that you can take away and use to find clarity and calm.


Click on Events to find out the date of the next session. 

30 Day Experiment


Every April & September over on Insight Timer I run a 30-day mindfulness experiment. 

It's an opportunity to experience the benefits of mindfulness for yourself and be guided by coaching questions to learn more about your habits and motivations.


Sign up for the group and get experimenting.