Starts 1st October 2021


As a meditation teacher I could go on and on about the benefits of meditation in order to convince you to start or maintain your practice of sitting alone with your mind and body.

As a coach I know that telling you is not the best way as we are all unique and have to settle our own minds onto what works for us.

Therefore I invite you to join me on this meditation experiment where you can experience the benefits for yourself and learn more about your own habits and motivations.

Why Experiment Not Challenge?

What Happens During The 30 Days?

In order to test the hypothesis that regular meditation is a good thing for you and your mind, I will be providing a few methods of enquiry, these are:

  • Daily emails to include a recommended meditation from Insight Timer (a free app) as well as a question to ponder.

  • A group chat via Instagram where you can all share your ideas, wins and learnings.

  • Access to me via email/Instagram to discuss your ongoing results and ask any questions.

  • 2 group guided meditation calls over zoom with time for discussion on Saturday's the 9th & 23rd. 

  • A free personalised meditation recorded by me.

Why Join? What Are The Benefits?

Whether it is with my clients or for myself I am always aware that each action step we set ourselves is just an experiment, one to learn from not to pass or fail. This is why I am passionate about experiments and not challenges.

An experiment allows you to:

  • Try different things

  • Collect data and learn from it

  • Test a hypothesis

  • Share your findings with others without fear of judgement

  • Find more than just cause and effect

  • See what works time and time again

  • Adapt as time passes

  • Move on without regret

The Benefits Of Meditation

  • Better sleep

  • Calmer mind

  • Increased resilience to stress

  • Increased self awareness

  • Enhanced focus

  • Greater connection to your mind and body

  • Clarity on your day

  • Build understanding of your emotions

  • Simple self-care


There are many results you may experience during these 30 days, after all,

it is an experiment, however from my experience these are the

ones to keep your eyes open for:

The Benefits Of Learning About Yourself

  • Greater confidence

  • Clear decisions 

  • Happier & Calmer

  • Alternative perspectives

  • New base from which to grow

  • Connect with your values

  • Create positive change

  • Reduced cognitive dissonance

  • Connected relationships

I really enjoyed the experiment, it was a good mind exercise. It helped me to build up a new habit and understanding thought processes behind it. I also couldn't believe how quickly the 30days go. Will definitely join future projects.

Wanted to say thank you for the experiment! Whilst I wasn’t engaged with the final week due to holiday I still had that regime / practise / group vibe in my head which urged me to continue. Well done on running it, your enthusiasm and knowledge always inspires.

What Have Others Said?

Which of the these might you experience or find as a result of this experiment? 

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