Hi I’m Sam, but you know that already.. 


Here are some things you may not know...

  • I have 4 tattoos

  • I flew to South Africa at 9 days old, from Wales, and lived there until I was 4

  • I am allergic to chilli 

  • I hold a degree in International Business

  • I am always cold

  • I am obsessed with the colour purple

  • I have been an EA and a GCSE & A level teacher

  • I am a natural problem solver due to my dyslexia

  • I am an obsessive reader of ‘self help’ and murder mysteries

  • I am a qualified Life Coach and Meditation Teacher

And this is my story...

I’m often asked how I got into coaching and I think, like most coaches, it’s because my path has led me here.

If you have a mind that never seems to stop worrying, and have done all the things that society has expected of you and you’re still feeling stuck in your life, then know that I’ve been there too. 
When my acting career didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I followed a myriad of pursuits only to get lost down a rabbit-hole of my own making. Having enjoyed the single life in London, I moved to Coventry with the wrong man and discovered a love of teaching teenagers (yes, teenagers).
One pandemic and a break-up later, I found myself back in London with new love (in an old friend), a flourishing practice and I feel like I’m where I’m meant to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing.
I’m not just passionate and insightful, I’m qualified too. Following my first session with a coach seven years ago, I embarked on not one but two courses: CPD Life Coach (Level 7 Diploma) and CMA accredited Meditation Teacher.

If my journey in pursuit of happiness, simplicity and personal clarity
resonates with you, then we have much to talk about.