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Why Your Anger Is the Key to Maintaining Your Boundaries

Anger & Boundaries - stylised image of 3 women screaming

I got the honour of being publish on Tiny Buddha.

The post discusses how anger can often be a sign that we have ignored

our boundaries and gives practical ways to get back on track!

Late last night, I once again found myself unable to sleep, and boy was I angry. So, in order not to disturb my other half, who is always asleep the moment his head touches the pillow, I dragged myself off to the sofa. Once there, sat seething in the dark, I listened to my emotion and asked it to speak to me, and guess what it screamed?! Boundaries!

Now please bear in mind that I have been on this journey for a while and had also been discussing boundaries earlier in the day, so my inner knowing came out loud and clear. For you this may not be the case, and that’s okay.

Practical Tip 1: When you feel angry, take yourself away and write down all those racing thoughts. No judgment, just get pen to scrap piece of paper and write it all down. Do not, I repeat DO NOT......

With Love

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