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Overwhelmed by your end of year review? Then this is for you.

End Of Year Review Overwhelm - Lady typing on laptop

For a lot of us, when it comes to writing our end of year reviews, it would be easier if we were asked to write our colleague's, cousins, aunt's or even mum's than our own.

You open the form, stare at the questions and self-doubt creeps in. What have I really done this year it asks… and the silences feels deafening. Then fear starts to speak up, and you start looping through all the things that went wrong, one after another, after another!

And there it is, the overthinking downward spiral in which you are firmly trapped, while staring at a blank page on the computer screen. Then if you are anything like me and many of my clients, you close down the document and focus on something else that feels within your control, never fully prioritising yourself and the amazing things you have done this year.

So I want to give you another way, 3 steps that you can try in order to feel confident and proud when you hit send on your review this year.

Step 1: Connect with your emotions