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Expert Reveals How Mindfulness Enhances Relationship And Sex Life

I was interviewed for Morning Lazziness, on the topic of mindfulness in relationships and how it can improve your sex life. Take a read and learn a few of my favourite ways to include mindfulness in your everyday

Have you found yourself bickering with your partner over something that happened 2 weeks ago? Does your mind wander around even during sex, leading to ‘bad orgasms’?

During date nights, do you feel that physically you are with your partner but mentally, you are thousands of miles away? If the answer to all these questions is yes, it means that you have failed to tame your brain, and now instead of you controlling it, it is controlling you.

We got an opportunity to talk to Sam Curtis, an International life coach. She revealed how mindfulness meditation could make the experience of relationships and sex better. Let’s hear more about it from her;

With Love

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