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FAQ- What does life coaching cost?

What does life coaching cost - hand holding twenty pound notes
As the coaching industry grows and more and more people experience the benefits of having a life coach, a common question that gets asked is: How much does it cost?

Well simply put it’s almost impossible to give an average cost for life coaching and here is why:

  • Each coach will have their own set of programmes with different pricing

  • Some coaches don’t share their pricing publicly

  • The support you get varies from coach to coach

  • Coaches will offer a range of 1:1 coaching, group coaching and even digital products

  • Coaches will make their money from a variety of methods such as public speaking, affiliates etc and this will influence their session cost

  • And like all industries training and experience can influence the cost

Although that can feel overwhelming when you start to look for a coach, this is, however, a benefit as it means you can find the coach who is a perfect fit for you both in terms of how they can support you and your budget.

Life coaching is affordable

Often before coming across life coaching we have tried many other avenues, both consciously and unconsciously. Some of these are free or reasonably inexpensive and can provide great answers to the questions we know we have.

Others can cost a lot more

Take your summer holiday costing upwards of £1,000 this can be driven by a need to rest, relax and de-stress. These are all things a coach can help you to accomplish long term rather than just 2 weeks that you find yourself on the beach.

Perhaps to stop worrying and overthinking you have a nightly glass of wine or a few pints of beer on a Thursday. It feels good to be out socialising and the alcohol does a wonderful job of calming your mind.

Yet it also messes with your sleep, concentration and productivity.

At £20 a week, that’s a little over £1000 a year.

Working with a life coach, costing half of that, you could learn new life skills that help you to relax, calm your mind and even boost your productivity.

If it’s confidence you are after, that innate desire to know who you are, then consider the fortune that diet companies, fashion brands and makeup brands make each year selling us all the idea that one day we may live up to these photoshopped standards.

What would you be willing to give up in order to gain real confidence in yourself, and use the funds to work with a life coach?

I’m not saying that coaching will fully replace these, we are allowed our G&T, we deserve our holiday and we certainly can’t be walking around nude all the time.

What I want to make clear is that is coaching affordable and it will help you to understand what is currently missing. It will then support you in making long-lasting changes so you can feel happier, relax and more confident than ever.

Make the cost of coaching work for you

These key questions will help you to decern what life coaching will cost for you.

  • Where do you already spend your money trying to solve this problem?

  • What can you currently afford?

  • How much time and type of support are you looking for?

  • Does the coach advertise their prices on their website?

  • Does the coach offer payment plans?

  • Does the coach understand your situation?

Most importantly - Do you feel connected and safe with the coach?

Some in the industry are known to use strong sales tactics, such as not giving you time to consider the price, bombarding you with ‘truths’, getting you emotionally committed, or worse digging up issues without providing support and charging huge fees to ‘help you fix it’.

All, in my eyes, are unforgivable in our line of work.

Always remember it’s your money and your life. Find yourself a coach that you feel secure in doing the work with, that they are your ally and not out just to make a quick buck!

The cost of coaching with me

I had my first coach at around 22 years old and I remember that the £400 I paid then for a group of sessions was a big ask for my lowly salary while living in London. However, I desperately wanted answers and knew she was the one to support me.

This has become my philosophy when I consider my prices, I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to find their own answers.

In order to do that I make sure that you can see all the coaching packages I offer on my website, along with their prices. I also offer pricing plans without any extra admin fees when needed to ensure that cost of life coaching stays affordable for my clients.

I also offer a free mini coaching session to all new clients.

It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to learn more about my style of coaching to decide if that a good fit for you, without a financial commitment.

This is a great way to start our relationship, however, I do want to touch on the element of free coaching.

Coaching requires commitment from you.

The work must be done by you in between the realisations in the session.

The actions set are for your development and the new skills can only be embedded by your practice.

Commitment is a funny one, and one way to keep showing up for yourself is to invest.

If you have any questions at all, that you want to be answered just like - How much does Life Coaching Cost?

Drop me a comment or an email and I will bring it to the top of my list.

Enjoy the search for your affordable life coach and delight in the confidence, clarity and new life skills coaching will embed for you.

With Love

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