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FAQ- What does life coaching cost?

What does life coaching cost - hand holding twenty pound notes
As the coaching industry grows and more and more people experience the benefits of having a life coach, a common question that gets asked is: How much does it cost?

Well simply put it’s almost impossible to give an average cost for life coaching and here is why:

  • Each coach will have their own set of programmes with different pricing

  • Some coaches don’t share their pricing publicly

  • The support you get varies from coach to coach

  • Coaches will offer a range of 1:1 coaching, group coaching and even digital products

  • Coaches will make their money from a variety of methods such as public speaking, affiliates etc and this will influence their session cost

  • And like all industries training and experience can influence the cost

Although that can feel overwhelming when you start to look for a coach, this is, however, a benefit as it means you can find the coach who is a perfect fit for you both in terms of how they can support you and your budget.