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FYOA* When Did I Last Take A Deep Breath?

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In this video, we come back to our breath, specifically the benefits of taking a deep breath.

Video Duration - 02:07

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As a kid, I was a budding actress and one thing my tutor taught me very early on was how to breathe correctly and it's 

something I've been aware of my whole life  and so that's what i want to ask you today - when did I last take a deep breath?

Think about it for a moment.

When did you last take a deep breath?  

Does your body even know what it feels like to take a deep breath?

Do you breathe into your chest moving your shoulders up and down or do you breathe deeply into your stomach sticking it out (which is every teenage girl's nightmare) breathing deeply and fully filling those lungs?

So what is it that you do?

What are you doing right now?

So why is it important to do proper deep breathing?

Well as an actress I needed it to be able to project my voice and I needed the air to be able to say long lines and long scenes without needing to *huff* right but for us every day humans, deep breaths are really important is because they are the only part of our nervous system of which i've done a short video on before so take a look  that controls are not sorry the lungs are the only part of the nervous system that we have control over. We can't change our heart rate, we can't change our blood flow, we can't change which muscles are activated or not but we can control our breathing.

So by taking a deep breath we allow our nervous system to start to settle which means we get all of the benefits, less stress, better sleep, more clarity and so ask yourself when did I last take a deep breath and more importantly take three now!

And three in 20 minutes and keep it up as a lifelong habit. You will definitely benefit from it!

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