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How Does Overthinking Ruin Relationships?

I was interviewed for Morning Lazziness, talking all about overthinking in relationships and I also share 6 tools to help support you should you find yourself overthinking.

Humans are known to be the only animals on earth that are blessed with the gift of imagination. While some of us use it in magnificent ways, most of us abuse it to cause misery to ourselves and those around us. One of the ways we do it is by overthinking. We overthink small things and blow them out of proportion.

Like how at night, when a child sees a shadow of a tree forming on his wall, he lets his imagination run wild and scares himself by thinking it is a ghost. We, adults, are no different than that child. Only now, the shadow of a tree may be our date running late because of traffic, and the ghost would be us thinking that they saw us and left; therefore, we are ugly and unworthy of love.

Let’s hear more about how overthinking ruins relationships by Sam Curtis, an International life coach.

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