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10 Day Mindfulness Experiment


I want to first start by thanking you so much for joining me on this 10 day experiment. I am grateful to have you here, so please do take a moment to jump over to the group and say Hi.

As I am sure you are aware meditation is amazing for helping with stress, overwhelm, sleep, relationships, resilience and focus. Mindfulness is one form of meditation, that focuses on being present in the moment with any sensations and experiences you are having. It's about being aware of and enjoying the life you are living.

Therefore I want this experiment to help you find your everyday mindfulness - pockets of time each day where you have a calm and clear mind and feel present with your life as it is rather than lost in thought.

Before we begin I have one piece of housekeeping:

If you have found this page through the email, fantastic - save this page as your reminder.

However, if you are not yet signed up, please do so now to get the most out of the experiment.

Thank you.

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Let's begin...

Welcome Video

Day 1

Click here for Today's Technique - All 5 Senses

Click here for Today's Meditation - Learning To Be Here Now

It is so easy in life to believe that there is a correct way to do things.

We go through school getting praised when we remember something correctly and punished if not.

Parents teach us their way of doing things which becomes so ingrained, that we don't realise there could be another way.

And of course, at work, creative ideas can often be stifled in order to keep that 'oh so important' status quo.

Well to start this experiment I want you to throw out the correct way to be mindful and experiment.

Why not try meditating:

  • With your eyes open

  • Lying down (this is my go to!)

  • Outside

  • In a café

  • Walking

  • With others

  • Legs out straight

  • In your favourite chair

  • Just to music

You get the idea...

Let me know what you do differently today and how it feels :-)

Day 2

Click here for Today's Technique - Noticing The Breath

Click here for Today's Meditation - 5 Minute Silent Practice

My aim throughout this experiment is to build you a toolkit of techniques that you can dive into anytime to find a moment of peace from a chaotic mind and busy world.

However, it would be foolish of me (and you) to think that you come here with an empty toolkit.

You already have techniques that you use to help when you feel overwhelmed or anxious and today I want you to take an inventory of these tools.

Firstly reflect and list out everything you think you might do, from breathing techniques to online shopping. Yoga to drinking wine.

Secondly consider the questions below to help you find your current top 3.

  • Which techniques work best?

  • Which techniques work temporarily but have negative impacts? (I call these distraction techniques - e.g alcohol, gambling)

  • Does the technique help consistently or only at certain times?

  • Which techniques feel easy to use and front of mind?

Finally, select your favourite 3 mindfulness techniques.

Now you have your top 3, why not share them in the group and help others find more tools for themselves. Or place them somewhere you will see them often, such as the home screen on your phone.

Whatever you do, keep the list handy and add in your favourite everyday mindfulness techniques you learn over these 10 days.

Day 3

Click here for Today's Technique - Asking The Body

Click here for Today's Meditation - Beginner's Body Scan

What am I hoping this experiment can teach me about myself? Or in one word… WHY?

There are many reasons to want to introduce more mindfulness into your life and I applaud them all.

Reasons such as:

  • Better sleep

  • Calmer mind

  • Increased resilience to stress

  • Increased self awareness

  • Enhanced focus

  • Greater connection to your mind and body

  • Clarity on your day

  • Understanding your emotions

  • Simple self-care

And more.

There is no right answer but whatever your why, it's super important that you get clear in your mind as it will support you in going the distance.

It will provide the reminder to stop and try a technique when things feel overwhelming.

It will be the push you need to carve out 5 minutes to sit (or lie) and meditate.

It will help you make mindfulness a routine which could eventually become a habit, but we will talk more about that tomorrow.

So for now, write out your why and be inspired.

Day 4

Click here for Today's Technique - Colour Walk

Click here for Today's Meditation - Trusting The Flow Of Your Life

We may only be on day 4 of the challenge but you may have already started to create a new routine with mindfulness. Perhaps it's meditating in the morning or just after you finish work.

Routines are important and they require conscious effort to maintain (hence the importance of your why) and although they are a key part of a habit, not all routines turn into habits.

Therefore for the next few days, the questions are going to focus on the habit cycle so that mindfulness may indeed become an unconscious practice.

The habit cycle:

  • Cue - a trigger that starts the habit

  • Routine - the action you take as a result of the trigger

  • Reward - the pleasure derived from the routine

Today we look at the cue by asking when is it most beneficial and stopping to reflect on what has just happened to require the mindfulness technique.

This might be a certain time of day, such as before bed and you could use cleaning your teeth as your trigger.

This might be a particular feeling or behaviour such as pouring a glass of wine because you feel overwhelmed.

It could even be a physical sensation such as noticing a tight chest or tears in your eyes.

Your action for today is to reflect and experiment with different times of day and different triggers to find which feels the most supportive to form into a habit.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so do hit reply or let me know in the group.