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The Gratitude Report - April 2022

Sam Curtis Coaching - The Gratitude Report – April 2022

You are likely to spot the theme in this months post - holiday.

Along with the long Easter weekend, my partner and I took a trip to stunning Turkey. It would be impossible for me not to capture the many gratitudes I had while away.

Gratitude is often easier to feel when we step away from our day-to-day. We feel blessed for the break, exploring new places or the time to step back, slow down and see the beauty around us.

Yet feeling grateful is even more powerful when we are 'trapped' in our everyday routines.

The more we can see our blessings in our ordinary days the less ordinary they become. They calm our minds bringing clarity. They not only reduce the negative emotions but increase our positive ones. They bring compassion and connection bonding us to others.

So use the posh wine glasses for water and feel the sunshine on your face while hanging out the washing. Take time and join me in reflecting on April, taking in the ordinary and making it extraordinary.