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The Importance of Boundaries in A Relationship.

I was interviewed for Morning Lazziness, talking all about one of my favourite topics, boundaries, and I share my key tips to ensure you have healthy boundaries in your relationships

Boundaries, while they may not sound very romantic, the romance of your relationship is guaranteed to die without them. Sam Curtis, an international life coach, talks about the importance of boundaries in a relationship and how to convey them to your partner politely.

Boundaries are an important part of any relationship. Boundaries are a part of a healthy life; they are necessary, keep us in balance, and are part of self-care. Obviously, in a romantic relationship, we spend a lot of time together, so it’s even more key that we have boundaries,” Sam said.

She continued, “I define boundaries as the conscious and unconscious rules we set for ourselves and others. A conscious boundary for your kids can be that they should be in bed by 9 pm, but an unconscious boundary might be that they must hug you before they leave for school.”

“We can sometimes cross our own boundaries. It is like breaking a promise to yourself. So if you made a promise to yourself that I’ll get a good night’s sleep daily this week and you go to bed late at night, you are breaking that boundary.”

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