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Words To Boost Confidence

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Featured in Thrive! 15 Mantras That Help Boost Our Confidence and Creativity

I share how you can create your own personal strengths statement to boost your confidence and self-worth.

Self Worth is built by the words we say to ourselves.

In this lovely Thrive article, there are 15 fantastic examples and I share a tool that might be helpful.

“When I need a confidence boost, I always resort back to a personal strengths mantra.

My favourite is, ‘I am Sam, passionate, intense, loving and whole.’

It’s a simple formula so that anyone can create their own.

The most important thing is that it starts with ‘I am – your name,’ then it’s followed by 3-5 strengths that define who you feel you are at your truest.

I’ve used mine for almost a decade and it never fails to align and focus me.”

And if at times when you say your statement your mind gives all the reasons why it's not true, (like it did for a client of mine recently). Then add this extra little phrase - I'm at my best when I'm...

It looks a little like this:

"I am Sam - I'm at my best when I'm passionate, intense, loving and whole.

So what is your strengths mantra? What words are you choosing to say to yourself today and always?

With Love

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