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A Simple Way To Review Your Year & Create Headspace For The Next

A Simple End Of Year Review - Lady writing

December is a full-on month and so in this blog post, I give you a short process to review 2021. It will also allow you to release many of the buzzing thoughts you have for 2022 without the pressure of setting goals. This will allow your ambition and curiosity to be sated so you can take well-deserved rest this Christmas.

Here's What To Expect

It’s Time To Capture Where You Are Now

A Simple Solution

Start As We Mean To Go On

Question 1 - What have I achieved this year?

Question 2 - What have I learnt about myself this year?

Question 3 - What do I hope to achieve next year?

Question 4 - What do I want to learn more about next year?

Keep Your Ideas Safe

Now Switch Off for the Year And Go Enjoy

See You In The New Year

You can also download a template in advance here