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Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Helen

Helen D
Commissioning Officer

Last week’s session with you was actually invaluable! I think for anyone thinking of coaching, I’d now say don’t think DO. Trust in the journey. 

Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Marjorie

Creative  Director

What I absolutely love about coaching with Sam is the hands on advice, the accountability plus knowing that there is room to evolve and a plan to move forward designed with me.

DAC3E486-24D9-4BF4-938B-840C9AB0F558 - Vicky Haynes.jpeg

Vicky Haynes
Operations Manager

When I started coaching I was nervous, I came to Sam wanting support in dealing with day-to-day problems and breaking bad habits and from the very beginning it was clear she really cared about me and made me feel super important.


As we worked together on things, not only was I excited by the changes, I realised that I could take these lessons and implement them across my life. Seeing the bigger picture and zooming out is still a tool I use all the time when feeling overwhelmed.


I would recommend Sam to anyone and everyone! I strongly believe everyone should go to a life coach.

There are 3 key elements of my coaching which helps my clients overcome their frustrations and move forward confidently.

I understand your struggles and will help you recognise that you're not alone because you're not.
Every conversation, technique, and action is customised to you because I know that everyone is unique.
Coaching isn't just about the conversation, it's about taking tangible actions towards your goals. 

I recognise that each individual is unique, and that's why I offer personalised 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs.


My clients have found this approach to be effective and appreciate the practical and friendly guidance that I provide.

If you're feeling stuck, struggling to connect with your goals, or experiencing challenges that are preventing you from moving forward, I am here to help.


Sign up for a free session today to start your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

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