Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Helen

Commissioning Officer

Last week’s session with you was actually invaluable!

I think for anyone thinking of coaching, I’d now say don’t think DO. Trust in the journey. 

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Sam Curtis Coaching Client - James

Structural Engineer

My first coaching session was an eye opener for me as I wasn't really sure what a life coach did. ​I felt excited to try the action steps we discussed in the session.​ Sam also helped me think about some of my problems in a different way ​which was also exciting for me as I am a curious person.

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Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Marjorie

Entrepreneur & Creative Director

What I absolutely love about coaching with Sam is the hands on advice, the accountability plus knowing that there is room to evolve and a plan to move forward designed with me.

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Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Yvonne

Executive Assistant

The best thing about coaching was hearing my thoughts back, understanding them and realising it's so important to open up and speak to someone. It feels like genuine self care.

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Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Micha

Mental Health Coach

I absolutely recommend coaching with Sam!! She is knowledgeable, a good listener, non judgmental, can direct the conversation effectively and confidently point out realisations/ reflect back to my blind spots.

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Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Giovi


Sam is an amazing Coach and even better listener who comes up with questions naturally to help you find your own solutions.


Before working with Sam I was quite overwhelmed however she really knew how to direct me into the right way and I was able to create a plan with her and track my progress which has really helped me to grow more.

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The thought of opening to anyone was a big challenge for me, however, these thoughts quickly subsided when talking with Sam and conversation came easily.

Sam doesn’t tell you how to process something, she plants the seeds for you to discover the answers yourself. It was this self-discovery that empowered to me to may key changes in my life.

Linford, Photographer, Europe

First coaching session was like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day inside both my heart and my head. I was carrying quite a heavy load on my shoulders and Sam helped me clear my thoughts & feelings and helped provide practical tools to deal with day-to-day issues rather than just dwell on my negative emotions.

Yaz, Professional, Canada

Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Alastair

Director, Large Corporate Banking

The best bit about coaching is that it's an hour focused entirely on me and my priorities. It sounds selfish but this is exactly what I needed to feel comfortable in my decision making and give me a clear plan to work on.

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Lady In Field of Sunflowers

Business Manager

The best thing about coaching is that it is always positive! I learned that although I could feel frustrated/annoyed in certain situations it wasn’t actually stemming from the other person and that it was me.

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Sam Curtis Coaching Client - Graham

Corporate Banking

Sam was exceptionally welcoming and made me feel comfortable, she also identified different tools and resources specific to my needs and clearly explained why they may be beneficial.

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First coaching session was very positive, I left feeling clearer on how I have been approaching the situation and how I can potentially take steps going forward. What surprised me was how quickly and accurately Sam could sum up my feelings and give useful feedback. 

Elliot, Chartered Engineer, UK