Are you at what should be


but don’t feel like you’ve                   the answers?
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Sam is very empowering to talk to and at no point did I feel any judgement. I came away from the session with a different outlook to that I went in with.

Elliot, Chartered Engineer

Hi, I'm Sam !

I’m a coach for the high-achieving but frustrated people of the world. People who have ticked all the boxes and yet are baffled about why they don’t have the kind of connections with family, friends, colleagues and themselves that they’d like.


They’re stuck, confused and overwhelmed: fearful that the solutions they’d like are out of reach.


I bring a new perspective: that by listening to inner wisdom they’ll find alignment with their true self. Their body will lead the way and together we’ll decode the signs. The aim is to bring them to a place where they feel safe to live with intention, peace, compassion and curiosity.

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Are you ready to decode the messages from your emotions?
To take on the challenge of being coached?
To find a solution to your problem?

If the answer is yes, let's get in touch ! 

How I Can Help You

  My approach is modern, practical, human and straight-forward,
a welcome relief for many of my clients.  
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It’s possible to feel trapped in the life you think you have chosen and acknowledging this valid emotion is the first step, and individual coaching provides a safe space for this process to start. From there it’s all about taking steps, building confidence and making mindful progress.

£87 for 75 minutes
£460 for 6 sessions

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When a common solution is needed to benefit a group, a workshop is the way forward. We discuss techniques and put them into practice during the session with plenty of time for Q&A and individual sharing.

£175 for a 
1 hour workshop

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The beauty of the mind is that we are all so unique, therefore creating ideas together is masterful. My mastermind groups meet once a week for a set period to discuss a particular challenge, experiment with techniques and co-create solutions that work for all.

£350 for a 1 month weekly mastermind

To find out what is best for you,

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My first coaching session was a bit of an eye opener for me as I wasn't really sure what a life coach did.​I felt excited to try the action steps we discussed in the session.​ Sam also helped me think about some of my problems in a different way ​which was also exciting for me as I am a curious person.

James, Structural Engineer