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Practical Coaching To Help You
Get Out Of Your Head
And Into Your Life
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With Love, Sam

You are not alone in your frustrations. The obstacles that you face I have seen with myself and my clients time and time again.

Therefore, I offer a range of free resources and 1:1 coaching options to help you find the answers you are looking for. You can read more about these below. 

To begin coaching  as it can be new to so many of us, I offer a free mini coaching session so that you can get a feel for me and my style of coaching and a few small steps to start you moving forward. 


No strings attached and if I'm not the right fit for you, I will suggest alternatives for you to explore. 

Take what you need, ask any questions and I look forward to supporting you.


Decode Your Problem

45 Minute Session - £70 

This 45 minute 1:1 session is the perfect opportunity to dedicate time to yourself and to decode your problem - that one decision or issue that is on your mind and you can’t stop thinking about.

The sessions are a safe space to explore and I bring my down-to-earth and practical style throughout to ensure the session is tailored to your topic.  

In advance, you will complete a short questionnaire highlighting what is on your mind.

To begin the session, we will have a welcoming chat before I guide you through a quick practice to help quieten your mind.

Then we dive into the detail, using different questions, techniques, and skills to decode your problem.

Finally, we create tangible next steps so you continue to find clarity.


Overall in 45 minutes, you will have a calmer mind, an understanding of the issue and practical actions to guide you towards greater clarity and the next challenge.

Get started now by booking your session. 

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The best thing about coaching was hearing my thoughts back, understanding them and realising it's so important to open up and speak to someone. It feels like genuine self care.

Executive Assistant

Quotation marks
Quotation marks

My favourite description of these sessions has to be when a client told me they love them for being a "Productive Rant"! 

So definitely book if you are in need of a good moan that comes with answers. 


I would also recommend giving this session a try if you are new to coaching and want to experience its benefits.


If you happen to want to continue coaching, you certainly won’t be the first or the last of my clients to have done so.

- Sam 

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Are you ready to share what you have been debating in your mind?
Don’t feel as if you can talk about it over a drink with a friend?
Is it time for some headspace and clarity?

Come share with me and lets find you the answers
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Enhance Your Life

Six 75 minute Sessions - £500 - Valid For 1 Year

Over the course of six 1:1 coaching sessions, you have the opportunity to enhance your life by digging into your current situation and setting an overarching goal to work towards.


My friendly, practical and no-nonsense style means that each session will take its own pace based on what is present for you at the time, giving you the freedom to explore all challenges whilst I keep us focused on your goal.


Fundamentally this coaching programme is tailored and structured to your needs.

We explore the issues behind the current events in your life


We set a focus for our time together 


We create space in the mind to explore solutions


We use all the tools you already have alongside some new ones to interpret the best direction


We strategize practical, methodical steps to move you forward


In between the sessions, you will have a coaching tracker to complete so you can capture your actions and key insights from the session. In addition to the tracker, conversations with me continue via email/WhatsApp so that you have accountability and support as you go get what you want out of life.


As a high achieving professional I know your diary can be rather full, so you have flexibility over the 6 sessions. You can take them anytime within one year and although I recommend fortnightly we will discuss the best time frame at the end of each session based on your actions, commitments and progress.


Fundamentally coaching with me will give you greater headspace, help you make decisions, build life skills and progress with confidence and clarity.

If that sounds like what you need, start the conversation

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What I absolutely love about coaching with Sam is the hands on advice, the accountability plus knowing that there is room to evolve and a plan to move forward designed with me.

Creative Director

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Quotation marks

Exploring my frustrations and passions with my own coaches was a big part of my development and happiness.


The space coaching created for me, allowed me to calm my overthinking mind and find the answers I needed in order to live on my terms with confidence and clarity.

Creating these results for my clients after witnessing them myself is hugely rewarding and exciting.

My coaching journey continues and I hope that you are inspired to start yours.

- Sam 

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Not yet sure about coaching, that's fine. 

Why not try...

Finding some answers on the blog

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A relaxation technique to calm your mind

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