Just wanted to say a big thank you for the workshop.

It felt just from giving myself the time and participating like a great piece of self care and food for thought.

I loved the slides, interaction and your command of the session / informed information. Thank you.

Helen - Managing Burnout Workshop

Image by Green Chameleon

 Goal Setting

Tuesday  7th September
18:00 - 19:15 UK
Online Via Zoom
(Replay available)

In the session you will:

  • Benefit from focused time & headspace to reflect on you and your year so far.

  • Address your current work/life balance.

  • Explore ways to set goals that work for you.

  • Set actions for the next few months to end 2021 on a high.

  • Explore how to listen to your body’s signals when it comes to activities that give you energy and those that drain it from you.

  • Share thoughts with like-minded individuals and hear their challenges & reflections.

Thank you so much for the workshop this morning!  It was really really good! 

Really well structured and I loved the detail and it was so very thought provoking

Chrissie - Boundaries Workshop


Should you wish to have access to any of the replays from past workshops, please drop me a message and I will send you the link.


Saturday 5th June 
10:30 - 11:30am BST
Online Via Zoom
(Replay available)

In the session you will:

  • Unpick what boundaries are and learn about the different types.

  • Understand your own boundaries, and where they might be missing.

  • Learn practical tools to review your boundaries and how to set them with others in your life.

Field Hockey Court
Stressed Man

Managing Burnout

Saturday 1st May 
10:30 - 11:30am 
Online Via Zoom
(Replay available)

In the session you will:

  • Unpick the signs that you are heading towards burnout.

  • Build an understanding of your stress response and what it’s telling you.

  • Learn practical tools to help you to recover and build resilience